Our orthodontists are specialised in invisible aligners technology - delivered in clinics since 2009 and online since 2017

With our digital orthodontics technology and proven treatment process, we have completed over 1000 invisible aligners cases, including both online and in clinic, at a 100% success rate.

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Our Promise

Results meeting your expectations

  • You will be a 100% sure that the treatment is going to work for you, after your case has been approved by our orthodontist through your e-consultation.

  • You will be able to visualise in 3D your future results before starting your treatment.

  • You will receive Orthodontist support and monitoring with progress tracking throughout your treatment as well as a set of retainers offered at the end of the treatment.

Coverage with zero extra cost

  • Every step of your teeth straightening journey is covered by us so you do not get any bad surprises or any extra cost and can get started worry free.


  • You will not have to pay more, even if more impressions are needed.

  • Receive all aligners needed for both top and bottom teeth to achieve the goals set out in your plan, even if you break or lose an aligner during the treatment.

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Check out what our customers have to say

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