Comparing braces options and costs

Clear Aligners with Straight Teeth Invisible

At Straight Teeth Invisible we have invested heavily in high tech manufacturing and design to lower the costs of the aligners. The price is fixed and it’s 1294€ for both top and bottom arches, with a number of guarantees.
With this solution the dentist will supervise you remotely so that you can save on the cost of the visits thanks to our online support, which makes the orthodontist’s work more flexible and scalable.

Fixed Metal

The lab fee for a full set of fixed metal brackets used in orthodontics is around 55€ (this is all the brackets for upper and lower treatment). Add 5-10€ for the wire cost, upper and lower treatment lab cost will be around 65€. So the orthodontist just needs to charge for their time, all the monthly adjustment appointments over 2-3 years, staff and machines on top of that so in general these fixed braces cost between 1500€ to 2000€ to the patient.

Accelerated fixed or removable braces

These are 6 months braces type or spring aligners. They are used to straighten the teeth that are visible in the smile – these spring aligners can usually only move your front 4 teeth. The dentist here usually charges 1800€ to 3500€ as they have to factor in lab fees, costs of the review appointments as with these treatments you will need IPR (interproximal reduction) smoothing of the teeth to make space for the teeth to move. The other thing to be aware of is that with these treatments you often will need some clear aligners to finish and detail the tooth movement as accelerated braces don’t give detailed finishing. An important question to ask is if you will also need aligners to finish your case, will you be charged extra or would this be included in your treatment.

Clear aligners with other brands of aligners cost in average between 2500€ and 5000€

With this solution, in addition to the clinic costs, the dentist has to pay a lab fee of around 1500€ for the manufacturing of the custom made devices. This is one reason why fixed braces are more popular and recommended by dentists too.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are even more expensive as the lab fee for dentist to pay can be between 1000€ to 2000€, so this makes the cost of these braces usually between 3500€ and 9000€.

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