Less than a decade ago, invisible Orthodontics was still considered as a luxurious expensive service available exclusively at clinics. With today’s digital dentistry technology, we believe that invisible Orthodontics should be affordable and reachable for everybody.

European team

2009 - 2014

As a well established business, we were offering invisible aligners services in France, exclusively to clinics that we have trained.

2015 - 2016

We have started the expansion of our invisible aligners services across clinics in Europe.


We have created Straight Teeth Invisible concept which no longer requires customers going through the clinic and get all of the treatment online through our unique system and process.


We have launched Straight Teeth Invisible concept in Europe.

Our team was formed to guarantee the best results for our patients. Our lab being established in Paris, our team includes orthodontists and lab technicians from France and Europe that are specialised in aligners, as well as multi-language speaking customer services.

Jean Paul Elage

Executive Consultant

Orthodontics Business Expert

Dr. Philippe Elage

Medical Director 

Dentist - Dental Surgery Professor

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